Your experience begins upon arrival. Your ISLANDSPLASH Travel Ambassador will collect your group from the airport's arrival lounge. From Mangrove Cay Airport, the drive to the lodge is a breath taking 15 minutes of beautiful seascape, luscious landscape and astounding Caribbean architecture. A brief tour on the way gets you acclimated to the islands services and local markets. Checked-in, you enter your lodge suite and find delight in the cool evening breeze as the sun sets behind the array of coconut trees in the horizon. The day's travels have suddenly melted from your cares. You are now free to enjoy the evening's festivities on the lodge compound. Help yourself to our all-inclusive “Beach Bar & BBQ” selections all evening as you bask in the backdrop of a lively and entertaining evening on the beachfront. Your buffet selections are grilled seafoods, fresh seafood salads, Island BBQ entrees and a large selection of local and imported beverages and exotic mixed drinks. Mingle with your tour guides or take a bike ride to get a lay of the land. Kayaking, snorkeling and beach volleyball are all within a few steps of your suite.

Get used to a refreshing start to your morning with the perfect ocean view complimented with fragrant coffees, local bush teas, fresh fruits and assorted breakfast pastries spread out below a glorious rising sun. On day two we will venture into the mysterious blue hole terrain of South Andros with a guided nature hike! But first things first - breakfast. Feast your eyes and appetites to an island style breakfast featuring native bahamian breakfast dishes, traditional american breakfast platters and classic continental breakfast options. The day’s activities at the blue hole include snorkeling, botchi games, free diving & swimming! Yes, we have lots of floating devices for an awesome & relaxing dip in these natural blue holes if you're up for it. It's a rejuvenating thrill after the nature hike to jump straight into the cool refreshment of fresh blue hole water. Blue hole scuba diving is also included in our guided tours for PADI certified EXCURSION EXPERIENCE guests. Our picnic lunch on day one includes lightly toasted coconut bread with thinly sliced smoked salmon, pulled pork or honey baked ham, dressed with your choice of a spicy vinaigrette, sweet BBQ or tangy salsa dressing. Sides include potatoes salad, crab salad, pasta salad and assorted chip and dip combinations. After lunch we head back to the lodge. Dinner tonight is set in the lodges' onsite restaurant. We will enjoy a fine selection of native soups each night such as peas soup and dumplings, crab soup and conch chowder. The main courses include seafood options, curried mutton, jerk chicken, BBQ pork ribs and grilled rib-eye steak. A fully stocked ‘sides and salads’ buffet bar is available during every dinner dinner.

Day three takes us into the deep blue atlantic ocean. Guided deep sea diving, spearfishing & game fishing (trawling) tours off private exotic cays boasting pristine sandy shores await our excursion guests. Spend the morning spearing spiny lobster or what we locals call, crawfish! Or help us to rid our oceans of the pesky lionfish that is threatening our marine ecosystems! Our guides will demonstrate how to clean, prepare and cook these delicacies Maybe we'll prepare both for tonight's appetizers! EXPLORATION EXPERIENCE guests will experience an intense guided deep sea snorkeling, kayaking & paddle boat adventure tour around private exotic cays with luscious land and sea life to photograph as we explore. Lunch today is set on a private cay. Although our group is divided today into their package choices we will encounter each other as the sun peaks for the day, perhaps on a Cay off The Bluff in South Andros featuring shark diving off of the deep eastern end of the cay and a short walk west takes you to the relaxing gorgeous shallow bay overlooking the main land of the most densely populated settlement in Southern Andros: The Bluff, South Andros, a historic destination that still holds close to the legendary rule of Sir Lynden O. Pindling, the nation's first Prime Minister whose roots in can be traced by to this settlement. Our stone grill serves as the center of all activities today as we prepare a light lunch from seasonal fish caught and cleaned from the morning's EXCURSION EXPERIENCE guests. Perhaps we will fry some barracuda, snag some mahi mahi from the game fishers and of course, there will be grilled conch. Our personal favourite local dish. For those not feeling like seafood today or those of you wanting to try it all, we will bring along some short ribs and veggie skewers to accompany traditional side selections. As usual our coolers are abundant with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, water and natural drinks at your heart's desire. After an exhilarating afternoon on the cay, we all shoot back over to the lodge for rest and relaxation of your own style. All beach sports and equipment are available at your leisure. For dinner tonight you will be given the opportunity to watch our chefs prepare your main course meals from the fresh catch of the day. Lionfish & barracuda are both skilled preparations our chefs will demonstrate and offer samples to the risky few. Excursion experience guests have returned with lots to eat and everyone can take part in the cleaning and preparation. If you have never seen a fish get scaled and gutted... Well you just have to see it! After cleaning up, we take a our guests out for a light happy hour experience for those up to it, others can enjoy a quiet evening at the beachfront bar with soft music and unlimited tropical mojitos!

As the sun rises on your final activity hosted by ISLANDSPLASH BAHAMAS, today we will grasp a taste of the multi-million dollar flat fishing hobby better known as bone fishing around The Bahamas or fly fishing to the world. We will venture into the shallow creek habitats of the natural sponges and mangrove patches that make Andros a National Land & Sea Park on much of its Western shore. We will venture in shallow motor boats through the natural wonder called mangroves that protect our shores during hurricanes and storms that threaten our island and livelihood. As we go deep explore the parks and creeks, the scenery is sure to excite your senses with majestic birds and vibrant flowers along the way. EXPLORATION EXPERIENCE guests will 'skull' into the creeks on stand-up paddle boards. Skulking is a local term used for the action of dredging up the creek by digging a stick or paddle into the mud for traction as you move along. Or kayak through the mangroves and shallow sand banks for the sit-down comfortable route to our lunch destination. Lunch on day 4 is another picnic style lunch featuring fresh conch and seafood salads from fresh seafood caught along the day's adventure and another spread of picnic lunch options. Sample lightly toasted home-made breads with tuna salad, moist sliced turkey or BBQ beef, dressed with your choice of a spicy vinaigrette or tangy salsa dressings. Sides include potatoes salad, crab salad, pasta salad and assorted chip and dip combinations as usual. On your last evening with us we host another lively dinner serving from beach bar. Selections again are your favourite grilled seafood, fresh seafood salads & island bbq entrees alongside our favourite local and american sides. A variety of native appetizers, local entrees, traditional platters, native pastries, fresh fruits, vegetable & seafood salads are the options for your last evening with ISLANDSPLASH BAHAMAS.

Another night on the town is definitely on the agenda as we wind down from the excitement of your vacation tour. On your departure morning, our island buffet breakfast selection is available until 11am for our convenience. Hopefully you booked a late flight out so that you may enjoy a little more sun, sand and sea... Or maybe you should just sleep in from the weeks festivities before your trip back home to face reality. Either way - we hope you enjoyed your stay in The Bahamas hosted by ISLANDSPLASH ADVENTURES! We encourage you to enjoy the abundance of ADVENTURE to be had with every ISLANDSPLASH EXPERIENCE. Bring more friends next time, we can’t wait to show you a different exotic flare of The Bahamas! We'll see you again soon!

Jonnique Janeen. - ISLANDSPLASH Chief Travel Ambassador